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About Me!

I am Anna: Wife, mother, author, nurse, military spouse, facilitator, consultant, public speaker, cancer fighter, and program developer of "Christ Walk: A 40-Day Spiritual Fitness Program." I am a jack-of-all-trades/master-of-nothing! I love people. I love writing. I love health and I love God. Somewhere along the way, I took all these loves and immersed them in the "Christ Walk" program.

I began Christ Walk back in 2005 in an effort to integrate my health and fitness practices with my spiritual beliefs.  I have led church groups and bible studies on this journey to holistic wellness over the last nine years and no matter what happens to me, I sincerely believe that health is of the mind, body and spirit.

More recently (Yikes, two weeks ago on 7 October 2014!), I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma.  This has begun a new journey for me with new challenges.  I've dubbed it Christ Walk II:  My Journey with Cancer.  I still believe that my health and fitness play a huge role in my success with fighting this disease and I still believe that God holds my hand a long the way, but my blog posts have taken a new turn since this diagnosis.  I hope that you join me on my journey as I find spiritual fulfillment in the middle of a season I am just beginning to accept.  I don't really know why this happened to me...especially since I follow the tenants of good health and fitness, but sometimes we don't know why God works through us in the way God does.  It is what it is.  My blogging will be the process of discernment through this journey of cancer and yes, health!

I am a graduate of Clemson University and the University of Wyoming with degrees in Nursing and Nursing Education. I have worked for the past 12 years for the U.S. Army in Health Policy and have an extensive background in health promotion. I love football, hiking, sailing, snow-shoeing, laughing, reading, cooking and being with people. I LOVE working with churches.

So, if I am in your area, and you'd like to meet me or have me come talk to your church about health and spirituality, drop me an email at christwalk@courie.com and I will be happy to schedule something with you!
Each day is a journey! Let's walk it together. Because Fit Christians are fit body, mind and soul!


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