Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tell Your Trainer to Take Her Fad Diet and Shove It (nicely of course)

From time to time I will use a trainer.  It seems indulgent, but I enjoy the challenge; it encourages me to mix up my routine; and will rescue me if I have been a total slug.  For example, the holiday indulgences that seem to have been going on forever....we all splurge; it's a part of enjoying life, but it's time to get back on track.

But I digress, my trainer and I had words.  She sent out instructions to start juicing to get into the swing of getting back into shape.  She told me I needed to detox.  That it was going to make me lose weight quick and fast.  I told her to take her juicing philosophy and keep it to herself.  I don't believe in juicing as a diet.  First off, if I am going to drink my calories, it's going to be a glass of wine.  I don't drink soda, sweetened beverages, fancy coffee mixes, etc. for this very reason. I like to eat my calories.  Most drinks and juices are unnecessary sugars added to your diet that you don't need unless you are having a once in awhile indulgence.  Second, I like to EAT my calories (did I mention this before).  I must be part cow.  I need to masticate to be satisfied.  Juicing doesn't do it for me.  And if I am not satisfied by my meal, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will cheat.  My body needs food, and it needs real food; yours does too.  Take all those fruits and veggies you stuffed in that juicer and chow your way through a salad.  I guarantee you will feel FULL.

There is a whole philosophy behind juicing.  If that's your thing, knock yourself out.  It isn't like it is unhealthy per se, but if I am going to turn a bunch of fruits and veggies into a drink (I'd rather eat them anyway....did I mention I like to EAT?), I will turn them into a smoothie.  I think juicing is inherently wasteful of the food God gave us--there is SOOOO much waste of food to get a tiny old glass of juice. Plus, you get rid of all the good fiber when you juice that makes you feel full and helps with regulation (you know, going to the bathroom.....).  The fiber God put into fruits and vegetables is REALLY important.

The other issue with this whole approach to juicing to "detox" and create a lifelong diet for yourself, is that it doesn't work for most people. Most people like me, like food.  They want to eat.  Juicing isn't going to be a magic bullet to your food issues.  You may lose weight juicing in a short fix diet, but it will do nothing to help you maintain a long term weight loss and establish a healthy diet that you can live with.  Juicing sets up this mind set that you need to eat a certain way, focus on an elimination diet of things you can't have, and then when you have done all that, then you'll be skinny. 

Well that's the complete wrong approach and it makes me mad that trainers set up clients for this failure.  You know how to lose weight?  Quit trying to be skinny. Quit thinking there is a one size fits all to your body.  God created you wonderfully, fearfully, awesomely made as you are. You need to love yourself.  Not everyone is going to be stick thin.  You want to lose weight?  Fix your issues with food.  Then, eat real food that God gave you, in moderation, WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY (God save me from another trainer that tells me I need to eat every two hours.  I'm not HUNGRY every two hours).  If you are hungry every two hours, that might be a different story, but any which way you look at dieting there are two facts:  No two people are made the same way, and no one diet is going to fit every single person.  THERE IS NO MAGIC BULLET TO WEIGHT LOSS.  It takes discipline, eating a variety of healthy foods, moderation, listening to your body, eating real foods, exercising, and getting back on track when you slip off the wagon, and learning to love yourself at whatever size God has made you.  I could be a heck of a lot skinnier than I am, but I'd also be a heck of a lot unhappier.  I'm healthy as I am, I'm tough, I'm a fighter, and I am REALLY, really happy that God made me as I am (broken bits and all).

It's one thing if you don't know HOW to eat healthy, but I actually do, and I really resent this bill of goods that the fitness industry tries to sell us every January that there are magic bullets to get us fit and healthy and well.  It isn't true.  LIFELONG FITNESS TAKES establishing a routine of HABITS that you repeat OVER and OVER and OVER until they are a part of your life.  Juicing for ten days isn't going to establish a habit. It takes MONTHS to establish a habit.  MONTHS.  And it is sooooooo worth it.  Kick, the crap out of your kitchen--the processed foods, the excessive sugar.  Focus on food from God's good earth.  Make these nutrients a habit.

Forming good habits is hard work.  Try brushing your teeth with the other hand for a week.  Does it become natural?  No.  It could take up to six months to make that habit switch in your brain.  Try eating with your non-dominant hand, or writing with your other one.  You've formed a habit with these behaviors and it takes a lot of focus and determination to change those habits.  Our habits are rooted in what we've been taught, how we were raised, what we were instructed about food, what we were given as a diet growing up, how we sleep, how we exercise, how we've used food and negative thoughts to cope, or how we have developed addictions.  Until you address the root of your issues, and learn that YOU HAVE VALUE, then a lot of your behaviors are not going to change.  This is why so many new year's resolution's fail, because the individual hasn't addressed the issue at the heart of what they want to change.

If you cannot change your habit for yourself, consider changing it for your health, your family, and for God.  Dedicate your new year to loving yourself as the temple of Christ in this world around you.  Dedicate your body to mind, body and spiritual wellness. For forty days, thinking about changing the way you think about yourself, your exercise, your body and your food.  Maybe then change will begin to happen.  You are worth it.  You have a purpose here and being healthy is a part of that journey.

But for the love of God, don't think that juicing for ten days is going to do that for you.

****Some people really love fresh juice.  Good for them.  There is a ton of healthy vitamins and minerals in a good juice.  It's just not my thing.  And yes, I've done that.  I had a juicer and I swapped it with my pal Sara for a couch.  That's kind of the relationship I had with my juicer.  :)  If it is your thing, own it, but own it for the right reasons.

Love y'all--love all of y'all and how you are made.