Endorsements for Christ Walk!

“Don't just read this book--do this book. There is no better book available to inspire and assist both individuals and congregations to start a walking program. Follow the plan outlined in this book, one step at a time, and you will strengthen not just your physical wellness, but also your spiritual and emotional wellness.”
––The Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner, creator of “Living Compass Faith & Wellness Ministry and author, Your Living Compass: Living Well in Though, Word, and Deed
This book offers so much more than a walking program for individuals and faith community groups! It is a very thorough, comprehensive, and current look at the interconnections of spiritual, mental, and physical health. In the format of forty days of meditations, exercise, and nutrition information with suggestions for journaling, this book lends itself well to a Lenten health ministry opportunity. In writing about her own challenges with hearing loss and an autoimmune disease, Courie brings hope for living with infirmities, and she does this very personally, in a comforting, supportive, and affirming style.I have done several walking programs in our congregation, but I am excited to pursue the many new ideas and perspectives in this one!
––Ginny Wagenseller, RN, FCN, parish nurse at Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Westport, Connecticut and Province One representative for Episcopal Health Ministries
“For those of you who are looking for a comprehensive approach to walking, fitness, spirituality, and prayer walking, Christ Walk is for you. This disciplined forty day program will make a fine Lenten or anytime approach to getting your body, mind, and spirit healthy.”
––Sara Lee Macdonald, blogger of Walk With Me on Our Journey
As a priest and endurance athlete, I’ve been keeping a training log and journal for years but have long sought a comprehensive and cohesive way to reflect on mind, body,spirit and athletic pursuits. Christ Walk is the book I’ve been waiting for. Whether you are taking the first steps to wellness or have a full race calendar, those seeking to integrate faith and fitness will find Fitch Courie’s book to be a wonderful resource.
––The Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, co-captain of the SteepleChasers relay team for the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, half-marathoner, and sometime triathlete.
Anna Fitch Courie has taken what she discovered in part on her spiritual journey through Education for Ministry and put it into action. Christ Walk is a book that teaches you to see God acting in your life and how you can act in return. Anna’s work on the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit and an agent of change in the world will help you change your daily life. Take a walk with Anna (and with Jesus!) on her journey and learn how to follow Christ’s example of walking your way into wholeness. Anna knows that life is one big pilgrimage.
––Carrie Graves, Canon for Communications, Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina and former president of the Episcopal Booksellers Association

Reader Reviews of Christ Walk!

By Jason Greer
Anna Courie's inaugural work, Christ Walk, is a thought provoking attempt at encouraging personal spiritual growth by linking personal health and Christian growth. What sets this work apart is its tone and an ability to be comprehensive, without seeming to overwhelm the reader.

She writes from the perspective a US military wife and mother and lay Episcopal leader. Her experiences as an Army wife, dealing with frequent spousal deployments, mothering small children and a meditative, contemplative high church approach to her Christian life is infectious. The tone she sets is like someone coming alongside you in your spiritual journey, in a supportive way. Her writing has flavors of folks like Frederich Buechner, within the context of modern middle class American life.

She uses physical fitness in a holistic way. She has a firm grip on the relation between spirit and body, and does not pretend they are divided at all. The reader should come away with a warm, and encouraging push to greater spiritual growth, entirely within the major paths of historical redemption, while tracking daily goals of physical exercise, that are entirely up to the reader. As a tool for personal devotion, or group study, this could make a fine work.

By Caroline Johnson
This is the type of book/program that I have been hoping for and now it's here! Christ Walk was an easy read and pointed out many important factors effecting our mental and spiritual health.

This is an interesting and user-friendly resource. Written from the perspective of a lay person with extensive knowledge of The Bible as well as time spent in personal growth, it makes for an easy and enjoyable process for the reader. The combination of marrying physical activity to spiritual growth reminds the reader of the holistic nature of our thoughts, activities and spirituality. The program works well for one person or a group and is particularly suited for Sunday School Classes, congregations or other organizations that would like to continue their spiritual journey in God's great creation.

The author writes in an accessible style that is easy to follow, a style that is more conversational than academic, and the reader comes away from the process glad for having known Anna through this work and journey. It should be seriously considered by any individual, group or congregation looking for a more active manner of contemplation, self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Zach Pearson
this book is amazing; i have friends who are interested in purchasing one also; in fact I'm going to purchase several copies to give to people and pastors I know

Fr. River
This is a book at the top of its field. There are few books that bring the Christian tradition and following Christ into exercise and this author does just that. She brings the fundamentals of our faith to the core of exercise and brings the problems of modern living to the forefront of life, and 

Richele Taylor
I was given this book enjoyed it so much that I purchased five others to give to friends! How refreshing it is to be reminded of God's love for us and how we must respect ourselves and our bodies without judgment and condemnation. Anna's book is uplifting encouraging and makes you feel that you can accomplish healthier lifestyle. I can't wait to share this with friends and take on a joint Christ walk!

Margaret C. Fitch
It is refreshing and upbeat. I brings together mind, body and soul for an overall healthier lifestyle and does it in a way that makes you feel like you can accomplish it no matter your circumstances.

Michele Brookhart
I loved this book because it was a perfect combination of fitness and spiritual growth. I chose to complete a challenge with my kids and it was very refreshing and fun to do together. I'm glad I purchased the book and will be able to use it to complete other challenges. A must-have book for every family!

With 40 different devotionals covering various topics (health, fitness, dealing with health problems, life), you will be blessed multiple times by the author's perspective. If you struggle to appreciate all your circumstances and feel guilty about that, this book will help relieve that guilt. I recommend this book even if you're not sure you'll be able to carve out time for fitness.

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