Tuesday, February 16, 2016

St. Luke's Christ Walk Week 1: 8 Steps to an amazing-good Christ Walk

People often ask me what I do when I run a six week Christ Walk Program.  Many of those examples are included in the "Suggestions for group leaders" in the appendices of the "Christ Walk: A 40 Day Spiritual Fitness Program" Book.  However, to give you a flavor of what our first week together looked like, I will share with you our agenda:

1)  We ate together.

2)  We prayed together.

3)  We did an ice breaker where we got to know each other.

4)  We broke into teams (Team sizes should be between 4-8 people, but no more than 8).

5) We talked about Christ Walk.  I provided an overview of the program and the book.  We discussed walking routes (Appendix A).  We discussed ways to earn miles:  You can pray for miles; you can volunteer your way to earn miles; you can earn miles through physical exercise.  We discussed the importance of WRITING DOWN ALL THOSE MILES (you need to share those miles with your team each week).  We discussed most importantly how God doesn't just ask for us to take our normal every day journeys. Rather, God asks us to stretch ourselves.  God doesn't just want a quarter of us, God wants ALL of us.  God wants EVERY step to be a part of your journey as a Christian, not just the every day steps.  We discussed ways to stretch and grow as a Christian.  We discussed ways to push yourself through to goals that are just out of reach.

6)  By the end of that discussion, people were thinking about which biblical route they wanted to take as an individual.  THEN, they go together with their groups and came up with a Team NAME, a team GOAL, and a Team Prayer.

7) Each group shared their name, goal, and prayer with the larger group.

8)  Each participant had homework:  They need to read up through Chapter 12 for next Sunday, they need to work on their mile goals and write them down and they need to pray for their team members and their journey.

We closed with the Lord's Prayer courtesy of the Children's Christ Walk group and I hopefully left everyone pumped with the journey ahead.  The trick to successful Christ Walk groups?  Successful Christ Walk groups pray, share, interact, laugh, walk, love, eat, and become a community of Christians and Christ Walkers together.  However you go about your Christ Walk group, if you focus on these goals, you all will have a great time.

Next week, we'll talk about how God wants us to Change and develop strategies for change using visioning exercises.

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