walking routes

Name of Route
Total Distance
Distance Per Day
Individual Routes

Beginner Routes

Nazareth Challenge
The route between Jesus' hometown of Nazareth and Jerusalem
65 miles
1.6 miles or 4,000 steps per day
Jerusalem to Damascus
This journey represents Paul's conversion on the Damascus Road
150 miles
3.75 miles or 7500 steps per day
Intermediate Routes

Jerusalem Challenge
The Via Delarosa or Way of Sorrows:  Jesus route through Jerusalem included preaching at the temple, clearing of the temple, the last support, his arrest at Gethsemane, his trial, Peter's denial and then his crucifixion
88 miles
2.2 miles or about 5500 steps per day
Damascus to Caesarea
One of Paul's Missionary Journeys
200 miles
5 miles or 10000 steps per day (pedometer recommended)

Bethlehem Challenge
It's 5 miles between Bethlehem and Jerusalem representing Christ's beginning and his end.
200 miles
5 miles or 10000 steps per day (without using a pedometer)
Tarsus to Jerusalem
One of Paul's Missionary Journeys
390 miles
9.75 miles or 19500 steps per day (pedometer recommended)
The Exodus
The Route God's promised people travelled to get to the Promised Land
375 miles
9.4 miles or 18750 steps per day (pedometer recommended)
Group Challenges
Pool each individual participants miles each week to reach Group distance goal

The Abraham Migration
Represents Abraham's wanderings to find the Promised Land to begin the birth of God's people
900 miles
22.5 miles/day

Jerusalem to Antioch (Roundtrip)
One of Paul's Missionary Journeys
705 miles
17.25 miles/day
Paul's 1st Missionary Journey
Paul's First Mission Trip
1300 miles
32.5 miles/day
Ephesus to Jerusalem
One of Paul's Missionary Trips
800 miles
20 miles/day
Jerusalem to Rome
The end of the road for Paul
1800 miles
45 miles/day
Jerusalem to Corinth
One of Paul's Missionary Journeys
1050 miles
26.25 miles/day
Antioch to Philippi
Portion of Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey
950 miles
23.75 miles
**all distances are approximate

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