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What Is Christ Walk?

Christ Walk is a 40-day program about spiritual fitness and Christian living: mind, body and spirit. Many Christian readers struggle with health and illness. Many Christian readers deeply want to connect their spiritual beliefs to their whole life, but would like assistance. I believe there is a mind, body and spiritual connection to health and when we do not approach our health holistically and God-centered that all the medicine in the world will not get us well. Because of what I believe, I have developed a unique health program that I believe meets a need in the publishing market for a holistic health and exercise program, based on traditional Christian teaching.

Christ Walk began as a 40-day Lenten program at my church many occasions with different groups of people, but with equal success. At the urgings of my participants, I began putting Christ Walk down in book format to spread a Christ-centered program on mind, body and spiritual health.

Christ Walk, is a 40 day journey designed for individuals to focus on improving their physical health while also engaging in spiritual and mental reflection and growth. Christ Walk is a 40-day physical challenge where individuals and groups select different routes in the Bible (Appendix A) to challenge them to complete (through walking, running, biking, etc) while reading a reflective passage on health and spirituality each day of the journey.

This book is a personal reflection on my experiences, beliefs, and knowledge on having a spiritually and physically healthy life. I have designed the book for individual use as well as for groups. The appendices include options for group leaders and options for individuals to transform their Christ Walk experience from journey to journey.

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