Monday, December 9, 2013

Chapter 39 Teaser: God's Grace

Biblical Big Idea #39: Acts: 4:33:  “And God’s Grace was so powerfully at work in them all.”

Steps Taken:_________________

Miles Journeyed: ______________

Exercise Chosen: ______________

Spiritual Thoughts: _____________

Feelings: _____________________

Day Thirty-Nine: God’s Grace

God’s grace is amazing.  As I sit and write this chapter, I am awed by the journey that God has guided us on the last 39 days.  God has been with us every step of the way.  God is at work in each of us.  As I have reiterated over and over, we are on earth for God’s mission for us.  We have a purpose here and God’s grace guides us on that mission. 

God’s grace can transform our bodies if we are partners with God on the journey ahead.  When God gave us freedom of choice to make our own decisions, it was up to us to make the changes in our bodies that are needed.  God’s grace gives us the strength to make those changes.  It is also up to us to take up the charge of God’s work in the world and be an emissary of God’s love. 

God’s grace over comes fear of these changes.  I know personally that when I find fear overwhelming, it fills me with anxiety and trepidation for the future.  Through prayer, I open a gateway to God’s grace that washes away my fears and anxiety. 

When the early Christian discussed Christian discipline, they led a structured life centered on prayer, fasting, worship and activity that was done to the glory of God.  When we want to make changes in ourselves to a more Christ-centered life, it is imperative that we develop this same discipline.  If we take the time for Christian discipline, then we are building an ordered life of Christian activity that allows God’s grace to be a part of every day of our life.  I build Christian discipline through scheduling.  This sets a tempo for how I ensure that mind, body and spiritual health are a part of every moment in my life.  I have a very type-A personality so scheduling ensures that I have made time for the priorities that are important to me: 

0500 Wake

0515: Coffee, tea, prayer, meditation

0530-0630: Exercise

0630-0800:  Kids and school

0800-1200: work

1200-1300:  Lunch and Prayer

1300-1500 Work

1500-1700:  Kids, activities

1700-1800 Dinner and homework

1800-Dinner and Prayer

1900-2000 Bath

2000 Bedtime for kids

2000-2200:  Time with spouse

2200 Bedtime and prayers 

Because prayer is included at intervals throughout the day, Christ is a part of everything that I do.  With Christ at my side through my daily life, I have a pulse check on what is important and what is not.  When God does not feel close to me in my life, I know that it is I that have strayed and not God.  God’s grace is ever present for me to weave it back in my life. I am far more content when I remember to include God in my schedule, than not. 

Through this journey in Christ Walk, God’s grace has been with us.  As we go on from Christ Walk, we will need to focus on how to continue to include God as a part of our call towards mind, body and spiritual health.  God has been with us as we discussed and discovered prayer.  God has been with us as we pondered physical fitness and healing.  God has been with us as we prayed for spiritual growth and transformation. 

God has been with me as I wrote this book.  At times, I have heard God’s voice more clearly than others and I apologies for those moments when the message has not been clear.  I hope as you have come to this point, you have been transformed as well.  I believe that you can be changed.  If you have not felt God’s grace as a part of this transformative process in your life this forty days, I pray that in time, you will pick this book up and try again.  God’s grace is available at any time and any moment we need it.  WE need to simply ask.  God’s grace will redeem us and change us if we let it.  We can be made new through the Holy Spirit and we do have a purpose for allowing God’s grace to work through us.  We are nothing without God:  Acts 20:24: However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace. 

Thoughts to Ponder:

1.  Do I feel God’s grace in my life?

2.  How can I open myself up to the power of God’s Grace?

3.  What is God’ Grace calling me to do next on my journey?
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