Saturday, April 19, 2014

Are you Ready? #EasterIsComing

I did not plan it this way, but as I went out for the longest run of my running career today on Holy Saturday, I was struck by the appropriateness of the Journey and the day. 

Jesus is hard at work saving souls today. He is gathering around those that have died, but want a place in heaven. Those that were in hell have an opportunity for redemption and life everlasting. Historically,  more people are being baptized this weekend, because they too, want to be a part of this holy communion.  People are realizing, this is THE wedding feast and they are wondering if they will be invited. Jesus has torn down the temple. Rendered the garment that separates the rabbis from the people. The holy places of God are now available to all and not a select few. Tomorrow, the temple will be rebuilt and Jesus will rise again with the promise of life everlasting. People are starting to realize that,  "this #%^* just got real."  I imagine they are worried, anxious, hopeful, scared, and awestruck by the unfolding events. 

As I stepped out this morning, with my thoughts on Easter, I can relate. As I headed out for my 14 mile run this morning, the longest of my life, the questions that faced me in preparation for the run, are the same as the questions that face me as Easter looms:

Am I ready?
Am I prepared?
Am I dressed right?
Do I have the right food?
Will I need more water?
Am I ready for the journey?
Will anyone see me if I fall?
Will Jesus raise Me up if I fail?
Will I get an invitation to the feast at the end of this journey?

The only thing I could do was go. You don't know if you are ready until you try. I've done everything I could at this point.  I have trained,  I have studied. I have prepared myself mind, body and spirit.  I try to follow the plan. I make allowances for life, but I believe in this path I have chosen. I do the best job on my journey that I can do. My heart is in the right place. 

The running journey and salvation journey are similar:

Some days the route is harder than others. 
Some days the route is longer than others. 
There will be days that the uphill never seems to end. 
There will be days were the downhill slope feels awesome. 
There will be joy. 
There will be tears. 
There will be pain. 
There will be blood shed. 
There will be exhaustion. 
And there will be fist pumps and dances of joy. 
There will be exhilaration. 
And some days there will be defeat. 
Some things will be torn down, before they can be built up. 
Some things you have to wait for, and some things you have to get ready for. 

With any run, walk, journey or path to Christianity, it starts with one step in the right direction. 

I saw three crosses on my run today. One for Christ, one for the murderer, and one for the man that believed. 

Happy Easter.