Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eating Like Marathoner Will Make You Fat...

...That is, if you are not a marathoner.

If you have been following the blog, you know that I have just come off a training plan for a half marathon. Despite having mixed feelings about running and becoming a runner, I continue to do so.  Mostly, I like the cardio burn I get from running and it keeps me fit for the things I really do enjoy: Hiking, Climbing, Snow-shoeing, Sailing, Kayaking.  My long-term dream of hiking Mount Kilimanjaro motivates me to stick with my running and fitness plan.  While I may have tabled the long-distance running for the short term, I found I forgot to table the caloric intake as well.

This will make me fat.

If you eat like you are running 20+ miles a week, you better be running or doing some other type of endurance training to burn it off.  Distance Runners take in a lot of calories to have the fuel their bodies need to go the distance.  So when I was on my training plan, my calorie intake went up to continue to fuel me on my long runs.  I was also able to enjoy some of my food indulgences without the guilt or consequences because I was running so much.  When you come off a long-distance training plan, your nutritional intake will need to be modified.

Unfortunately, I've continued to eat like I am running distance, when in all honesty, I am running about 8-12 miles a week.  That's not enough to offset eating like a fuel burner and I can tell.  My pants are getting tight. Boo-hiss!  I've been a little cocky enjoying my indulgences thinking my body is going to burn them off.  This is not the case when I am not maintaining the level of cardio-endurance I was on previously.  It's time to change.

As a result, I am slowly becoming more mindful (again) of the food choices I am making in light of the change in my fitness plan.  This is all normal.  Fitness levels vary depending on life and schedules and seasons.  As long as you are mindful (and honest) about what you are doing, you can maintain your weight and fitness levels even with these changes in your routine.

I think with any season in life, it is important to be aware, mindful, and conscious of the choices you are making. Everything we do revolves around the choices we make in life.  Just like throwing a pebble into a pond makes ripples that spreads outward and effects things under the surface that we cannot see, the choices we make are the pebble in our mind, body and spiritual life.  It's your choice whether you throw that pebble or not.  If you choose to continue to eat like a marathoner, when you are not, there will be long term impacts on your body and your weight.

It's my choice what I put in my mouth or if I go out and exercise, or if I take the time to pray in my hectic life.

These are my pebbles.  I have no desire to be overweight again.  I'm choosing to change my habits because my routine changed.  Alas, that means no more mid-afternoon brownies....:)