Friday, November 22, 2013

Becoming a Christ Walk Group Leader

If you are taking on the role as a Christ Walk Group leader, congratulations!  What an awesome experience for you and your team/church.  As a Christ Walk leader for the last six years, you can message me at any time and I will be happy to discuss any thoughts and concerns that you may have.  You can also join the Christ Walk forum on Facebook© to discuss ideas and goals with members of the Christ Walk community around the globe! 

The number one guidance I have in leading Christ Walk is to give freely of yourself and your experience.  You may have a lot of fitness experience or none at all, but since we all have health, we all have a perspective that can be shared and discussed in our small group settings that are valuable to anyone in the room. I have led groups from as few as five participants to as many as 80 and the experience is as much as we share of each other during that time together.  Give Freely of Yourself and Your Experience. 

There are several ways that the Christ Walk experience can be structured for groups: 

  1. As a simple Bible study, meet each week to discuss the Thoughts to Ponder after each days reading.  Simply share your experiences with those meditations.  Make sure that everyone reports and tracks their miles to their destination.
  2. Meet each week to focus on a different topic: 
    1. Week One: Introduction
    2. Week Two: Physical Health
    3. Week Three: Mental Health
    4. Week Four: Spiritual Health
    5. Week Five: Nutrition
    6. Week Six:  Pot Luck and Graduation/Sharing
  3. Meet each week to discuss one of the Scripture Readings from the meditations and what that says to the members of your group about their health.
  4. Meet each week:
    1. Week One: Introduction
    2. Week Two: Yoga
    3. Week Three Aerobics
    4. Week Four: Guided Walk
    5. Week Five:  Weight Lifting
    6. Week Six Meditation
  5. Meet each week and have a theological reflection on one of the topics in the weeks’ readings.  Discuss the topic from the point of view of Creation, Sin, Judgment, Repentance and Redemption (Take Notes!)
  6. Meet each week and discuss:
    1. Week One: Introduction
    2. Week Two: Creation
    3. Week Three: Sin
    4. Week Four: Judgment
    5. Week Five: Repentance
    6. Week Six: Redemption
  7. Meet Each week and provide keys to healthy living:
    1. Week One: Introduction
    2. Week Two: Health Fair/Health Assessment
    3. Week Three:  Making Change/Change Exercise/Goal Setting
    4. Week Four: Fitness Testing
    5. Week Five:  Cooking Classes
    6. Week Six:  Healthy Potluck
Feel free to comment or message me if you have questions on running a Christ Walk group utilizing the #christwalk1 program!