Monday, November 4, 2013


I have been CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY busy lately.  My writing has fallen off, I am scattered, and my exercise has taken a bit of a back seat.  Between an ankle injury, walking pneumonia, work, kids, Christ Walk presentations, and trips; I have not exactly been the poster child for work/life balance.  My body has been conspiring against me to slow down and I am not very interested in listening.
CRAZY busy also leads to me putting God on my back burner.  Don’t get me wrong, God is always with me; God it always patient; and I know God will always be there, but I have been the bad friend.  I have not been the one holding up our end of the relationship.  I have been saying, “hold on just one more minute” in our relationship.  If God were anyone but God, I think God would have left me a long time ago because if I treated people the way I treat God sometimes, they wouldn’t put up with me either.
I have done this before.  If you are honest, you probably have done this too.  When life takes over, you say, “wait a minute, I’ll get back to you.”  When I am CRAZY busy, I become CRAZY Anna.  I start making CRAZY decisions.  I don’t put God first in my life and therefore, I do not make Godly decisions when I’ve told God: “wait a minute.”
I am one of those people that need to stick to the training plan.  I need to stick with my commitment to God, because neither training, nor being a Christian comes as second nature.  If it’s not first in my mind, first in my agenda or first in my life, then I will push it to the back burner.  And when the things I care about most in my life get pushed to the back burner, I regret it every time.  I have priorities in my life:  God, Family, and Health.  Even when CRAZY life happens, we need to make sure the priorities remain up front, not pushed to the back.
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