Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Challenge Me

I love a good challenge.  I am sucker for someone setting a bar for me to reach over a specific period of time.  I think challenges are a great way for you to stretch your capabilities both physically and spiritually.  I have done various fitness and spiritual challenges over the years.

As we move into the holiday season where cold weather pulls us to stay inside and yummy food leads us to eat more than the norm, a good holiday challenge will help you stick to your goals.  A friend of mine just challenged me to run a mile a day until the New Year.  This means that I have committed (as of Sunday) to 38 miles between now and 1 January.  This is very doable for me, especially when I know I can easily make up a mile if I miss a day.  This sort of challenge doesn’t overwhelm me when I have a lot going on, but it does keep me doing SOMETHING, EVERY DAY through this season of excess.  If you are not a runner, you can set your goal to walk a mile, or bike a mile, or do something every day for 15 minutes that is physically active.  ANYTHING is better than NOTHING.  As I have written before, physical activity also gives me the time to clear my mind and hear God’s word.  So every time I make time to exercise, I am doing a better job of making time for God.  If you absolutely cannot exercise physically, make the time for 15 minutes every day to exercise yourself spiritually through prayer so that God remains the reason for the season.

The benefits of setting a physical goal during the holiday are huge.  We are moving into a season of increased rates of depression and anxiety.  We are moving into a season in which materialism tends to take over.  Physical activity can help you connect to the quiet parts of your spirituality in your heart and open your mind to the voice of God.  Physical activity will help to release endorphins to stave off the depression and anxiety.  Physical activity will give you a break from the hustle and bustle that may leave you wondering, “Why am I doing this to myself again?”

So, I challenge you to join me in a mile a day challenge until the New Year:  36 miles (starting today) or more towards better mind, body and spiritual health.  Post your miles here and we can be accountable together.

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