Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Giving 1%

You know those people that can just muscle through the last mile?  Or those that just go out to run and “accidentally” run ten miles?  Or just randomly decide to do something and do it?  That’s not me.  I have to train for anything.  I have to prepare my body mentally, physically and spiritually to take something on.
Before I ran, I walked.  Before I did 100 burpees, I did 1 burpee.  Before I ran a 5 K, I ran a mile.  Before the 10 K, I ran a 5 K.  Before the half, I ran the 10 K.  Before lifting 205, I lifted 65.  Before I gave 10%, I gave 1%.  Each milestone required physical and mental training to get me to that point and I never reach that feeling of being an “expert” athlete or “expert” person, or “expert” anything.  I look at my life as constant training over the course of my entire life.
We are constantly training for God’s work in the world.  We are (or should) be constantly seeking ways to do better.  When we slip up and slide backwards, we have to restart that training regimen all over again.  I have recently let my running slide.  It means I start walking again.  And then walking and running and then I will run again.  If I have slipped up as a Christian, I’ll need to start with the small changes that lead me back.  With God as my ultimate personal trainer, I’ll be successful in whatever training plan is established.