Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Words that Hurt, Words that Heal

I have been sitting on this post for several days now as I needed the time to let my hurt heal and be able to speak frankly and comfortably about this topic.  Recently, someone said some very hurtful things to me.  Long story short, I wasn’t supposed to hear the words, but I did and it was a little bit like getting punched.  I was so shocked and disillusioned that it shut me down for a day.

Out of this hurt rose friends.  Friends that brought cards; friends that texted; friends that called and friends that I ran into that had no idea I was sad, but who lifted me up by their presence.
This led me to realize that God has surrounded me by people that use healing words and kind words every day that make my world so terrific.  Their simple presence and kindness were healing words after hearing words that hurt.  I felt blessed.
Recently, the priest at church talked about the acts of grace in our life that we do not see, because we do not take the time to catalog the multiple actions of grace that happen every day.  He theorized that we probably acknowledge 1 in 10 acts of grace that occur on a daily basis.  This discussion gave me pause, because we (and I) are so quick to focus on the things that are wrong in the world and in our lives that we rarely place as much effort into categorizing the things that are right.  We rarely stop and think of all the ways that grace has touched us every day.
With his sermon, our priest challenged me to find those acts of grace.  And before I completely forgive and forget the words that hurt me, I want to recognize the grace of others that healed me that day.  Without asking, without seeking, grace entered my life and brought a smile to my face.
I am blessed by the grace in my life.
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